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Emotional Design – Bert, The Teddy Game Pad

By ustwo Nordics - 13 October 2017

Video games have the power to immerse players and tell stories in a way that no other medium could do before. Unfortunately, established game controllers can sometimes present a hurdle for inexperienced players and can lead to frustrating rather than fulfilling experiences. Important factors for engaging gameplay is the emotional connection that a player feels […]


Introducing the ustwo Roo

By ustwo Auto - 5 October 2017

What should a driverless car look like? This is ustwo’s take.

Connecting IKEA Växer

Cultivating the Internet of Things

By ustwo Nordics - 22 September 2017

You may have heard the term ‘the internet of things’ (IoT) before, and been puzzled about what it means. The irony is that most of us, whether we’re aware of it or not, already interact with IoT constantly. Simply put, IoT refers to everyday objects that are connected to the internet in order to extend […]

Do whatever you love to do by BLND

People and Driverless Vehicles

By ustwo Auto - 21 August 2017

We spoke to people from different backgrounds about their thoughts and hopes for the forthcoming ‘revolution’ of driverless transport.


SXSW 2018: What’s In Store?

By Casey Hopkins - 9 August 2017

Earlier this year at SXSW 2017, we were thrilled and honored to take the stage with our friends at Google and Facebook for a panel discussion around the future of virtual reality and its inevitable effect on human behavior. Beyond our conversation, SXSW was teeming with incredible technologies being demoed, folks doing amazing things, and […]

“Imagine you can drive without worries. Reading your favourite book, watching your favourite TV show or just texting some friends while you get to your destination. That’s how I imagine a driverless car. Some comfy place where you enjoy your time and forget about the stress of being stuck in traffic. A very soft and light cloud who takes care of you and our planet.”

Humanising Autonomy

By ustwo Auto - 27 July 2017

User research and a human centred design approach form the basis of ustwo’s thinking on autonomous vehicles.


Designing for Kids: Part Two

By ustwo - 20 July 2017

We share our top 5 user-testing tips to help get your project off to a flying start.

A kids mobile with designing for kids written around it

Designing for Kids: Part One

By ustwo - 13 July 2017

What should the digital products that we make for kids look like?


Reacting Natively: A Developer Diary

By Alfonso Cejudo - 6 July 2017

A fictional account of how this experimental project was created. March 15th.Got a memo from headquarters. They want to see something in React Native. Swift and Java are passé. They’re on the way out. We need the new hotness. React Native. You write some JavaScript and boom. You get an iOS AND an Android app. You […]

App and toys

Play and Learn: Building a Digital Playstore

By ustwo Nordics - 21 June 2017

In a brainstorm session for our recent PlayLab initiative, we started talking about the relationship between digital and physical experiences. Over the last few years, we’re seeing an increased presence of products that combine physical interactions with digital experiences and our idea was to look more closely into the children’s play angle. We decided to […]

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Joining Forces to Invest in Local Talent: the Smartest Post-Brexit Move

By Jess Tyrrell - 12 June 2017

Whatever you think about Brexit it now becomes more imperative than ever to invest in British talent. It’s the one bright strand of silver lining to the otherwise challenging recruitment cloud. The tech sector have been slow to develop the right kind of training schemes at scale – partly because agencies and start-ups like ours are […]


Collaborative play in VR

By ustwo Nordics - 2 June 2017

One of the first experiences we tried after getting the HTC Vive VR Headset at ustwo Nordics was Eleven Table Tennis, a table tennis game which we’ve had a lot of fun exploring. What really stood out to us however, was the online mode where you’d get matched up with another person for a couple […]

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