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Play and Learn: Building a Digital Playstore

By ustwo Nordics - 21 June 2017

In a brainstorm session for our recent PlayLab initiative, we started talking about the relationship between digital and physical experiences. Over the last few years, we’re seeing an increased presence of products that combine physical interactions with digital experiences and our idea was to look more closely into the children’s play angle. We decided to […]

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Joining Forces to Invest in Local Talent: the Smartest Post-Brexit Move

By Jess Tyrrell - 12 June 2017

Whatever you think about Brexit it now becomes more imperative than ever to invest in British talent. It’s the one bright strand of silver lining to the otherwise challenging recruitment cloud. The tech sector have been slow to develop the right kind of training schemes at scale – partly because agencies and start-ups like ours are […]


Collaborative play in VR

By ustwo Nordics - 2 June 2017

One of the first experiences we tried after getting the HTC Vive VR Headset at ustwo Nordics was Eleven Table Tennis, a table tennis game which we’ve had a lot of fun exploring. What really stood out to us however, was the online mode where you’d get matched up with another person for a couple […]

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It Takes A Village: Equal Parental Leave is Just the Start

By Laura Kennett - 25 May 2017

Telling your employer that you are having a baby is often the most personal conversation you will ever have with them. As a People Lead at ustwo London I have been having these conversations for six years now – and it’s different every time. Starting or growing your family is – all at once – […]

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AI, Empathy, and Designing for the Future of Digital Health

By ustwo London - 19 May 2017

In this long-form post, we take a look at the questions raised by AI in healthcare. And how an empathetic and agile design practice can help address them.We examine the rise of self-management, automation and AI, followed by our take on how user-centred design can help build a coherent approach to healthcare transformation.If you prefer, […]

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Encouraging Healthy Habits in Children

By Holly Brenan - 12 May 2017

Digital devices often come under fire for changing children’s behaviour for the worse. More time spent glued to a screen can equal less time outdoors, less time engaging in physical play and an inability to concentrate more generally. As a digital agency designing products for children to use, we have a responsibility to understand how to make products that […]


Half-Baked Briefs: Why It’s Better To Write Them Together

By Justin Pike - 4 May 2017

As one of the Business Leads at ustwo, I’m usually among the first people to hear from, interact with, and meet potential clients. Some clients reach out with a raw nugget of an idea, some have a strong direction they’d like to go but don’t know how to move forward, and some come to us […]

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ustwoTHINKS: Health

By ustwo London - 3 May 2017

We believe that collaboration can help the healthcare industry to develop innovative products, services and ways of working that benefit the entire system. The delivery of person-centred care depends upon our ability to create bridges between institutions, businesses and designers. Which is why, at ustwo, collaboration is the cornerstone of every health project and partnership […]


10 Principles to Drive Digital Transformation

By Jess Tyrrell - 26 April 2017

David Bowie was a visionary. That’s something we can all agree on. In the Newsnight interview from 1999 that circulated widely after his death, he said:I think the potential of what the internet is going to do for society – both good and bad – is unimaginable … both exhilarating and terrifying.This can be read […]


QA, Feature Hipster (Or How I Stopped Complaining & Learned to Grab the Ball)

By Jim VanNest - 13 April 2017

Software development is an oddly consistent occupation filled with inconsistencies, dead ends, and a more-than-nominal amount of keeping one’s fingers crossed. Within this cycle of losing and gaining focus, we try our damnedest to complete our tasks, often as fast as possible. Speed comes with a cost, one which rapid iteration seeks to mitigate. By […]

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Connected Cars Need to Care

By Lexi Cherniavsky - 12 April 2017

As car brands become tech companies, the winners will be those who combine software with emotional intelligence and deep insight into how we behave.The word ‘connect’ comes from nectere to bind. But over time our understanding of it has shifted – in 1881, the French word connexer was superseded by connecter, meaning “to establish a […]


Experimenting in VR: Getting Lost In A Daydream

By Anders Oscarsson - 11 April 2017

TL;DR: We spent a few weeks experimenting in Daydream, and documented our process. Want to see what we built? Download it here.  At ustwo, we like to approach both new ideas and new technologies by getting our hands dirty. Making something tangible means we can really get a feel for the product and test it with […]

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